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Skinny Taste
I love this site, so many great waistline-friendly hacks of food we already adore!

Once A Month Mom
This website is packed with amazing resources including spreadsheets for grocery shopping, month-long menus for traditional cooking or diet cooking, and tips on how to freeze or crock-pot the recipes themselves to maximize your time OUT of the kitchen!   She actually says that you could only cook one day a month, then sit back and enjoy.  Gotta try this!

Hungry Girl
Lisa Lillien, a.k.a. Hungry Girl, is one of my all-time favorites.  I have all her books and the recipes are delicious.  She was instrumental in my prior weight loss and I will be leaning on her again this time to supplement those other times!  She has a great listing of recipes on the website to supplement the books and she usually shoots you a newsletter with 2-3 recipes a few times a week if you subscribe!

Weight Watchers
Unfortunately for most people, these recipes are available only to online members but most of them are yummy, the points are listed and the portions are pretty decent.  Since WW is my plan of choice, I gotta give them props.

Jamie Oliver
You may recognize this Brit from TV and from the news--he tried to "revolutionize" American school districts by encouraging healthy eating. My question is, why would that be a revolution? Why do we as a society always take the easy way out?  I think maybe that has a lot to do with why most of us are in this "obesity" bucket.

Raw Milk Facts
Here is a really great, informative and well-cited link on the benefits of Raw Milk.  Legal to sell here in the state of PA, Hubs and I are exploring this as an option for our family...specifically trying to find some Jersey Cow milk as opposed to Holstein milk.

Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund
This website is a treasure-trove of resources from what current politics and policies are regarding farm-fresh products, how industry interferes between farmers and consumers, where you can locate fresh farm meats, dairy and produce (including organic and raw products), and more. They also have a lot of great information covering the differences between types of milk, grass-fed vs. grain-fed herds for dairy and beef, and the ever-decreasing nutritional value of industrially farmed products (as opposed to traditional farms which really pack in the nutrition just right for our cellular biology!). If you can afford to make a donation this may be one of the more worthy causes of our time. Farmers are disappearing as corporations take over everything and make it harder to earn a living from the Earth. This website is not about the large industrial farms that recieve subsidies from the federal government to grow corn for ethanol or mass-produce engineered or genetically modified foods. It is about your neighbor, the farmer, who is trying to make a living by growing things from the Earth. I don't like to preachify but I will say this issue is becoming very important to me and my family!

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