Monday, July 29, 2013

Kickin' A** and Naming Names!

C25K Week 1 Complete!

Actually it was more like ten days...but I lost 7 pounds already. One of my buddies said it was just water weight (BabyRN) but I am the most hydrated person on the planet on any given day, so I say NO. It's for real. I double-checked. FIVE TIMES.

Today (That would be Sunday for you day-walkers) I started Week 2, it was a rough one but I did finish it. I had to dial back the effort a bit when my heart rate hit 200, but I felt pretty good after. Think I may give it a few extra days on this "week" installment also. I am not on any time-bound schedule to complete a 5K race or anything, just for fitness' sake so I don't mind being off schedule.

I ate pretty clean this week although I did treat myself to some real bacon, a piece of cake, and a couple pieces of cheddar cheese during the week. I felt like I was dropping pounds too fast, and I am trying to be pretty rational about myself for the long run. I do not plan to EVER give up bacon and cheese, but to have a more deliberate approach to food over all.

And now to name some names. I wanted to give a shout out to the people who did not laugh or mock me when I mentioned my plans to run. Big thanks to Michelle, who inspired me in the first place! Thanks also to Sharon, Kari, Virgil, BabyRN, OctoOOPS, Scooter, and all my other friends and family.

Hopefully after Week 2 I will have some significant numbers and measurements to post. Check back soon!

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