Thursday, July 19, 2012

Laundry, Meltdowns and Milestones of Tuesday it will be 49 days since my washing machine died. This single event has led to one of the biggest BeckWench meltdowns in the history of my family, but more on that later. God bless my mother-in-law who has been awesome pitching in to fight our dirty laundry with her own machines, because without her I may not have survived. Right now the pile of laundry that was up to my armpits is gone, and tomorrow I will have fresh baskets of folded laundry to put away, as if done by some kind of sweet laundry leprechaun fairy (a truly magickal creature). Why 49 days, you may ask? Well I have a home warranty supposed to be covering the purchase of a new washer and we are just waiting to hear when and how to get the new one home. My hands are tied unless I want to lay out the cash myself--and trust me, I sincerely do not want that!

It's no fun being in a house with 3 children, a dog, and a husband with no way to clean everyone's clothes and towels and such. Top that off with vacation plans, a stomach bug that will not quit, and an out-of-town trip for this Wench on her own without the kids, and what you get looks more like this:

Except it was the top of my head blowing off, not the top of a mountain.

Long story short, we are surviving the laundry crisis and hope to hear Monday or Tuesday about the new washing machine. Which will be awesome since I finally made that powdered laundry detergent recipe I found on Pinterest! Cannot wait to test it out, it smells so yummy and clean!

As promised in my last posting, I ate my heart out at the wedding...which was over the top. I wish I could tell you I had tried everything but there was too much!  And the eating kept on going right up to this moment. The eating plan resumes tomorrow, now that I have restocked the fridge with fruits and veggies, but will have one last hurrah with my cheddar cheese tonight. And so we proceed to the milestone portion of tonight's discussion.

A milestone. Looks a lot like a grave stone right? My personal milestone marks those pounds that are dead to me!
 210 pounds. You may ask how I achieved this feat whilst eating like a bird (my weight in food every day) and I will tell you, the stress of the laundry problem combined with all the sequelae has caused me to shit my brains out for the last week. Seriously. I am sure the rich food did not help at all! Hopefully when I get back on track tomorrow my gut will settle down somewhat. The problem is, I am still hungry! I don't feel sick, but everything is passing right on through me.

Sorry for the TMI, but I did promise to be frank with you during this journey. With that in mind there will be some more painting projects occurring, and with any luck the horrible fingerprints will be covered up by paint that is more conducive to washing than the crappy primer already in place.

I am proud to announce I will have laundry facilities back in the house as of Tuesday the 24th. I am going to hit the snooze on the blog until then because my diet has been less than fabulous and I still have so much to do around here in addition to running to a laundromat. Will be back online in August I promise!


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