Wednesday, July 4, 2012

500 Page Views!

Hey guys, you are AWESOME! I can't believe I have had 500+ views in just one month. Thanks so much for reading along!

Some day, one of us may look this good and actually have time to read and sunbathe again!

Happy Independence Day. It means more than "Happy 4th of July" don't you think?  Check out this cool informational from The Weather Channel:

Independence Day Facts

I had a really rough week in which just functioning in my life seemed like a little much for me, so here's the update as of this past Sunday: I am down to 211.2. And while I could not be any happier with the weight loss, I cheated my ass off completely last week so being proud of myself is a big fat lie. The truth of the matter is I hustled the whole time, ate whatever was near my mouth, and barely sat down for a week.

And the beat goes on. No menu this week, because it's already Wednesday and I am leaving Friday for a wedding and some Becky time (as opposed to Mommy time or Nurse time). It finally occurred to me today that I am on vacation for a week and I am so jacked. Totally pulled me out of my funk, and I was in deep let me tell ya!  We all have those days...mine was a doozy, hope yours are not that drastic.

Monday night I made an egg sandwich and had some watermelon on the side. 2 pieces of bacon, english muffin, real butter, and one egg with a slice of cheese, yummy! Approximately 10 WW points+.

Tuesday night I made the infamous burger ring, in pizza flavor, 3 sections for about 11 WW points+. This is my own personal knockoff from Pampered Chef inspiration and the sauce was made from ALL FRESH VEGETABLES. We did eat it in beef flavor as opposed to venison which kicked up the point content.

Wednesday night (tonight) I had about 3oz of steak on a shish kebab with no sauce, some of my yummy lentil salad (3 pts+), a small scoop of potato salad, and 2 oreos. Nobody's perfect right?  I am not really going to be looking for a weight loss this week with all that's going on though.

OK 5 minutes until I can catch up with True Blood, will post again before a possible Lake George, NY vacation next week hopefully!!!

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