Tuesday, December 4, 2012

S'winter 2012/13

Here we are in a new season as evidenced by the snowy scenes below! And I am still fat. What's worse, I am fatter than before...so all my theories of holding steady at 214 have been blown to smithereens. 218.7 was my number this morning and I feel it in my clothes and bra and everything. A good friend and I were commiserating this weekend over how we only feel comfortable in yoga pants, and wishing jeans were a viable option.

How does it come to this?  Even my doctor was a little sad, since we had created a plan for exercise and weight loss at my last appointment and I so obviously had not followed through. My only excuse is I have a few lab numbers that are out of whack, affecting my energy and feeling of wellness. So now I have to get on top of that stuff as well, but let's be up front here.

My house, first snow of the season!

Here is the view from the front door.
It's winter. I am not going to be starting a running program with this kind of weather looming out there. And it's the holidays, capped off by my son's birthday right after the New Year. So am I really going to start a diet at this point--and the short answer is no. However I must be feeling similar to the folks around me so we are getting a plan together to play Biggest Loser at my workplace in mid-January. Three years ago (before my last pregnancy), we played and I lost 44 lb. so hopefully we can have some more of that success.

You can totally recognize the changes that extra weight causes to your body, your sensation, and how you approach life if you've lost weight before. I really want to get that back! Probably will not post again until after the holidays, so I will have more detail for you on the plan at that point. The hubby sounding like he really wants to be on board this time too, so the moral support will be awesome and multifaceted. Right now it's looking like Weight Watchers and some workout videos. Stay tuned!

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