Monday, June 25, 2012

Week in Review: Sunday 6/25

I painted and decorated my dining room this week and I am so totally stoked. It looks awesome, the color is great, and I added a Pinterest idea. I just love Pinterest, don't you? I am hoping to post some photos of the living room, wash room, and dining room projects so stay tuned for the updates. Right now I am still putting up some pictures on the walls and I only have my camera phone to use for snapshots...pretty lousy. Hopefully I can get this blog thing going on!

As far as the menu goes I had good days and bad, mostly me screwing up and trying to recover. Monday I did make eggs for dinner, and as predicted I did not want to cook on Tuesday. I used my splurge points and we ordered from Snuzzles, a fantastic local steak and pizza shop. Sam and I shared a Snuzzle Stuffer (look it up, so dang good!) no doubt loaded with KNC's. Wednesday I was all prepared to get back on track when the heat wave kicked in for real, and when my Mother-In-Law (a diamond lady!) called to see if she could bring over fried chicken and jump in the pool after, I said HECK YEAH! I did limit myself to one piece of breaded, fried, chicken-breasty goodness...and a few chips. Thursday I was back in the game though!  I made the Beets n' Sweets recipe from, it was a major hit. My dad and my uncle, not big beet eaters, both really enjoyed it and my little gal munched her way through a pile also. Mom and I naturally both loved it as anticipated. I served the dish with a side of sausage...bratwurst for the guys and jalapeno chicken sausage for Mom and I.

Friday I made the WW recipe for meatless baked ziti, and I served it with salad and asiago spinach chicken sausage for Hubs. It was really yummy especially since I made my own fresh sauce as taught to me by my little sister Squench. Saturday night we ate some steak on the barbie, some grilled marinated zucchini and yellow squash, and maybe another salad. The Hominy recipe did not get made due to the aforementioned suprise Kickass Ninja Calorie attack from the fried chicken but we will have it on the menu next week. Saturday I brought leftover ziti to work and Sunday I ate a portobello burger out with my dad. It was so good! I didn't eat the roll though, too full.

So here is the plan for next week's menu. I am not going to stick to a day schedule simply because we will be travelling Thursday, at Dorney Park on Friday, and having a big shindig family reunion at my house on Saturday. Too many plans up in the air!  The boys are super excited about this though:

Dinosaurs Alive! A new exhibit at Dorney Park.
 Menu: we are going to try some more kid-friendly recipes so my boys will eat more of the healthy stuff and less of the junk. I will likely add veggies on the side in the form of a salad or maybe some steamed fresh veggies. We even sometimes have fruit as a side dish, which is always popular with the young'uns.

Chicken Ropa Vieja and Warm Corn Salad, recipes from

Bacon Lettuce Wraps and Oven-fried Pickle Chips from

And last but not least:
Hungry Girl's Fiber-ific Fried Cheese Sticks and grilled sausage from Sam's Club.

This is the wrong flavor though...going to cook up the apple flavored one!

I have this book and the recipes are so great. Oven-frying with Fiber One really jacks up the nutrition, trust me!!

I am happy to announce that my weight is down to 212.4 and I am feeling pretty decent about it. We were joking about dieting last weekend and I think everyone feels the same. "I have been dieting all morning and I am still not skinny!" Well what can you do! Just keep trucking along. I can feel my body underneath all this blubber and I do think it's possible to get back to my goal. Stay with me!

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  1. Okay so as a quickie update, life is getting in my way. Tonight I am going to eat the leftover chicken sausage in my fridge which actually IS the asiago cheese spinach kind, with a side salad. Yesterday I did make the chicken nuggets from Hungry Girl, with some steamed broccoli and egg noodles. I had a very small pile of noodles.

    Hubs is not home until late tonight, and I am so tired that I am all but useless, so there is no point in getting crazy about the family meal...and the kids want hot dogs and Mac N Cheese. So there ya go. Processed foods invading my life out of sheer convenience and maternal laziness. *sigh*

    Tomorrow instead of the chicken viejo I am probably going to serve some leftover santa fe crock pot chicken. Maybe on Friday I will feel like pulling it together from scratch, who knows!