Monday, June 18, 2012

Kickass Ninja Calories are EVERYWHERE!

SCALE TODAY:  213.8.  Gah. All my comments leading in had been about how I wasn't feeling "regular" and that I would weigh myself after throwing down the deuce.  No such luck for this gal, because by that time I had eaten again and the number actually went UP instead of DOWN. Seriously? Okay it's a good reminder for me to get on top of my girth again. I am taking it as a lesson:  no more half-assed, half-hearted attempts and NO MORE VIENNA FINGERS (and more veggies, fruit and exercise of course)!

Holy shit, is this guy on skates? I am a dead woman!

So it's game on. The menu is set, I have a plan for the week, and it's full steam ahead. For a week. But let's allow some realism in to the party for a moment here, because that's what we are after anyway:  After this week the crazy summer schedule will kick into gear. A trip to visit family, a family reunion at our own house, then a wedding with my sister, and going to Lake George with the kids right after that, and goodness knows what other hijinks. All these diet and health websites always tell you to use caution at special occasions because there are hidden Kickass Ninja Calories (KNC's) everywhere waiting to kung-fu your butt and make you fat. And I get it, but isn't the joy of being together partly enjoying food?

I think this draws on our basic humanity, some deep-seated desire to share good times during periods of abundance...and why, at big gatherings, we have beautiful food and drink available.

Now in addition to finding other emotional releases besides food to comfort me, I will have to suppress my human instinct to gastronomically party it up all summer.  The KNC's aren't going to get me, I am going to fight them off. Hopefully it will not be a battle to the death, or one of you may have to drag me out feet-first from a vat of onion dip and potato chips!!!

Have I mentioned that I am suddenly feeling an urge to either take up running or bicycle riding?  And now that I live in the mountains I road has no shoulders, no sidewalks, and does have lots of groovy swervy turns and blind curves. Not a great environment for patrolling the neighborhood under foot or pedal power, especially with the tots in tow. It's probably some sort of reverse psychology self sabotage that I am feeling an urge to exercise now that I have no proper environment to do so. Guess I will have to do plan A--hit the videos down in the basement, but the weather has been so stunning and I maybe feel like I am missing out or not maximising my outdoor time by doing pool stuff. The kids are totally hooked on the pool though!!!

After discussing with my work wife RheaBaby we agreed that the WATCH list will be published approximately monthly...or every 4 weeks.  It doesn't make sense to post the measurements weekly and just flagellate myself about the lack of change, she said (I may be embellishing there)...I guess maybe it's a point. We are going to spread out the abuse and hopefully in between I will get the courage to face some KNC's and knock them out with serious fatbusting whole foods and exercise. And besides perhaps you will all be bored if I keep throwing my weight around metaphysically and digitally.

My friends, I am sorry to fail you so repeatedly...I fail myself as well.  Luckily it has been busy at work so I have no time to mope about it. At home the plan is to tackle the dining room paint project this week. Will keep you posted, keep reading along!  Drop me a comment. All you have to do is click on the word "comment" below and tell me what you think!

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