Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SQUAT team reborn?

OMIGOSH I am so excited!!

Most of you may not be aware that a phenomenon existed in the late 1980's and early 1990's in Sellersville, PA of two caped heroines cruising the streets on their 10-speeds and generally saving the world but it was REAL!  And now it looks like these two crazy gals just might be getting back together to provide some laughs, slapstick, and general world-saving opportunities again.

Here's the proposal from Queen Tutty, the alleged enforcer of the SQUAT team:  A recipe swap.  Use whole ingredients, use fresh food, make a giant healthy batch and freeze some.  Or even better, make together (sharing the good times) and divide for future enjoyment.  We can test recipes, take pictures, let the children run amok as they like to do, and maybe a sip of wine when things get too nuts.

I am loving this idea.  It will be like our own version of that long-ended cooking show, "Two Fat Ladies Cook" that used to air on PBS.  And it will all be documented here in this forum.  Anybody have any comments or want in on the action?  Drop me a note.  There is always room on the SQUAT team for one more goofball.

Disclaimer:  if you cannot be goofy, laugh at yourself and otherwise be a little nutty, this enterprise may be intimidating.  The Squat team formed around 1987 to cope with the hazards of having too many brothers around and the girls simply refuse to grow up!


  1. I'm hoping that this means that we can trade in the 10 speeds for a sweet cycle with a sidecar. If that's the case, I'm calling SHOTGUN!

  2. Ok, I know, you're thinking "trade in the bikes, but we're trying to slim down!" Well follow me on this. Everyone knows that Batman has the bat mobile and Wonder Woman had that cool transparent jet; heck even Bob the Builder has a truck. As working moms, we are super heroes and every self respecting super hero needs a sweet ride - that's all I'm saying.
    Queen Tut