Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Menu...for Menu Monday!

I know I said Monday was going to be Menu day but it just isn't working out that way. Thank GOD we have had some business the last few Mondays at work and I have been too busy to get things together.  Right at the moment, I have a babysitter, so I am telling you all what will be on tap for next Monday. These menus are going to be for dinner only at this point because brekky and lunch are still pretty boring around here: waffles/cereal/oatmeal for brekky and sandwiches for lunch. Gonna get working on that soon but until goes Dinner.

We eat a lot of venison. It's all organic, lean, readily available, and I am married to a mighty hunter. Those complaints you may hear about "gaminess" in the flavor probably has to do with the cooking method. The burger is almost undetectable in most recipes, the filet is delicious grilled, and we really do not eat roasts so I can't comment there.

Monday:  Panera Vegetable Pesto soup, with the baguette, and probably a Greek Salad. I usually only use half of the dressing, real butter (1 pat) on the baguette, and the soup is so good. Actually it's a very hearty meal that really fills me up. This is my night shift dinner; for the family before work it will most likely be farm-fresh eggs and possibly some sausage if I can find any I like. A total of 8 points+ for the Panera foods, and the eggs are 2 points+ each, and the bread I use is 1 point+ per slice. Sausage varies by company.

Tuesday:  is usually the worst night of the whole week as far as my motivation to cook is concerned. I generally try to keep it kid-friendly if possible, so I am making something we lovingly call "burger ring".  It's basically cooked ground meat (venison in our case) mixed with ketchup and a dollop of mustard, some pickle relish, and some shredded cheese. I generally eyeball the amounts. Then I arrange some reduced fat crescent rolls in a sunburst pattern, pile the stuffing in the circle portion, and fold the tops over. For those of you familiar with Pampered Chef, I definitely modified this one from Doris' kitchen. I will also try to incorporate some sauteed vegetables in, like shredded mire poi (carrots, onion, celery) for flavor and vitamins. The kiddo's love this meal. I am trying to find a reasonable substitute for the crescent rolls but they are so good! This may be one of the processed foods that actually remains in my kitchen at the end of the whole overhaul. This meal is about 7 WW points+ for three segments.

Wednesday:  Beets N' Sweets. This is on recommendation from Queen Tutty's kitchen, hopefully the kids will not give me too many complaints. Beets are a new thing for our family so here goes nothing. She recommended serving with a savory sausage to balance flavor so I will try to find some turkey sausage this week.  I will be changing some things based on reviews I found:  going to use raw sugar, reduce olive oil to 1 tbsp, decrease the pepper. The Beets will be about 4 WW points+, the turkey sausage probably another 4 points+.

Thursday: This is usually our preferred eat-out meal. I have 39 flex points a week from Weight Watchers so I generally do not count points if we splurge on a take out dinner.

Friday:  BBQ Chicken Pizza from WW.   Going to try this one out on the kids. 6 points+ and will serve with a side salad, so figure 2 extra points+ for the salad with dressing and maybe a sprinkle of feta.

Saturday:   Baked Ziti from WW. 7 points+, easy to make before I start night shift, and I can probably whip up some venison meatballs or use venison sausage to round out the meal for the hubby and kids. I will not use the prepared sauce though, I have some already made with fresh ingredients (zero points as it is). I may even use my delish venison meat sauce.

Sunday: We usually have family dinner with my husband's parents. I am not sure if that is going to fly but I will be making some Tomatillo Hominy Chicken Stew from WW to take to work for the crew. It's so hearty, you get 1.75 cups per serving and you are full! One of our tried and true recipes.

On a completely happy note, right now I have potatoes, corn, tomatoes, peppers, string beans, brussel sprouts, watermelons, and carrots sprouting in the garden. If all goes well I am so excited to harvest the bounty come fall! Especially tomatoes fresh from the's like eating sunlight! Stay tuned for more updates and carryings-on. The SQUAT Team test kitchen is still trying to work on a suitable date to get together on that home-made all purpose baking mix (a.k.a. Bisquick).

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